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Friend of Deputy’s Wife Allegedly Takes Police Car Gets Arrested for DUI

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Elizabeth Jean Moore is being charged with two counts of aggravated DUI after taking a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office vehicle for a drunken joyride in Chandler, Arizona.

Gilbert police found the 41-year-old woman with a blood-alcohol level of .11 while driving the deputy’s car. The legal limit is .o8.

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According to ABC15, the documents stated that the deputy’s wife was in the front passenger seat and two 12-year-old girls were in the backseat.

Police officers in the area were concerned when they heard the siren coming from the vehicle. The deputy’s wife stated Moore turned on the siren for a drive-through worker at a Jack-in-the-Box.

The deputy’s wife also said that her husband was not aware that the vehicle was being taken for a “food run”.

Reporters asked for a comment at Moore’s home and she declined.

Chris Hegstrom, spokesman for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, explained that an investigation took place and action was taken.

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