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Subway Employee Posts Cheers on Internet for Murder of 2 Police Officers


Sierra McCurdy, 19, was fired from Subway Sandwiches after she posted skull emojis along with the words “Got em” in reference to Hattiesburg, Mississippi police officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate, who were shot and killed in an ambush on Saturday during a traffic stop.

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McCurdy faced a vicious backlash on social media after she tweeted the celebratory post following the murder of two police officers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi while wearing her Subway work uniform.

Subway corporate tuned into the backlash and fired their outspoken employee. McCurdy’s social media accounts have all subsequently been changed to private.

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  • She wasn’t wearing her personal clothers but her subway uniform. I take tthis as meaning she is representing Subway and that Subway supports her comments. My personal opinion is that Subway had the right to fire her. If she was not wearing the uniform then it’s a different story. But it’s comments and posting like this that shows the stupidy and ignorance and hate that some people have. And that’s me exercising my freedom of speech in my personal clothes on my own time away from work.

  • Fuck that clown. She was posting from work, wearing the uniform of her employer, and thereby legally representing them to the public. They not only had the right to fire her, they had the DUTY to fire her, and I hope that idiot never works again.

  • She is entitled to her own opinions & freedom of press, expression, thoughts just as any other united states citizen. This statement was on her personal webpage. Subway has no legitimate right to fire her. I hope she sues them. Just for general principles!

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