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George Zimmerman shot at in road rage incident in Florida


A lawyer for George Zimmerman says his client wasn’t seriously injured after being involved in a shooting in Florida. He is allegedly having a ongoing problems with the man who shot at him.

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  • I am sick of this person getting away with everything. I have no fate the the cops I’m scared to leave home half the time thinking i might get pulled over and they not just shooting black men they killing black women too. It is drilled in our heads as kids to trust the cops your safe with a cop now who are we to trust now the let a two murderers get away with murder if it was a black cop he would be under the jail within 15 minutes this probably won’t be seen but the police are the last ppl. I would call I’m just tired of being scared of the cops I’m scared for my son’s and I hope it gets better when my grand daughters really get old enough to. Understand.

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