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Frank (Trey) Shephard Shot and Killed by Houston Police After Chase and Crash Caught on Camera


A Texas man was shot dead Wednesday by Houston police on live television following a 20-minute high-speed chase.

Frank (Trey) Shephard, 41, rammed his speeding car into several vehicles in northeast Houston before halting outside two suburban schools, the Houston Chronicle reported.

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The father of three began the chase after officers tried to pull him over for a traffic violation. His uncle, Chris Shepard, watch the drama unfold on live television, but didn’t realize it was his kin.

“I’m looking at it on TV, saying ‘why would you run from the law? Not knowing it was my nephew,”’ he told the paper.

“My sister, his mom, called and told me that they shot and killed him.”

He worked as a barber.

Shephard, wearing a white T-shirt, got out of his car, and then reached inside, when he again emerged, several officers opened fire, killing the man as news helicopters hovered overhead.
Shepherd’s body was covered with a white sheet.

Blood seeped onto the asphalt.

A female witness told ABC-13 she heard several shots while she was stopped at a traffic light, but did not see the confrontation between the suspect and officers.

“When I heard gunshots, honey, I just started backing up.”

Police Car Chase Ends With Crash and Shoot Out, Suspect Killed. Police chase underway across Houston, suspect shot dead by officers.
(Click2Houston) HOUSTON –
A police chase ended with a suspect shot and killed by officers after a multi-vehicle crash on the northeast side of town.

The chase started after the driver refused to pull over after a traffic stop at Tidwell and Highway 59. The vehicle, a blue Chrysler 300, then exited on Little York, and went northbound on East Mount Houston.

The suspect went eastbound on Beltway 8 from the Eastex Freeway.
The driver then went southbound on the Beltway and dodged a set of spike strips.

The vehicle exited on Wallisville Road, then the driver eventually crashed into multiple vehicles and stopped near the intersection of Castlegory Road.

Several officers then jumped out with weapons drawn. The driver got out of the vehicle and it appeared he reached back into the vehicle.

At least one officer opened fire and the driver then appeared to fall to the ground. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the suspect is dead.

More than two dozen police and emergency vehicles were on the scene. At least one victim of the crash was being taken to the hospital.

Galena Park ISD said North Shore Middle School was temporarily on lockout status, but all has returned to normal. Havard Elementary School remains on lockdown.

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