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Illinois State Conservation Officer Shoots and Kills Suspect Caught on Tape-Watch Video Here



Illinois State Police have just released dash cam video from an officer-involved shooting on Interstate 88. State Trooper Luke Kuehl, and Conservation Officer Steve Francisko pulled over suspect Shane Cataline regarding 911 a call he placed. This was the second time Cataline was pulled over that day for a wellness check.

As the two officers repeatedly asked Cataline to step out of his vehicle, he backed up, pushing Trooper Kuehl into traffic.

Cataline then directed his van at the trooper, ramming Kuehl’s squad car and pinning him between the two vehicles. Francisko then jumped on the hood of the squad car and opened fire, shooting five rounds and killing Cataline, according to the report.

Francisko then took Kuehl to safety. An investigation by the County Attorney’s office found Francisko’s actions justified. Kuehl has also returned to work.

Watch Video Below

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  • I am shane’s mom. I am so furious with the deceitful police and their deceitful omitting of the truth. Those were no real welfare checks. The first was francisko trying to to get an unwarranted search of shane’s car while he’s pulled off the probably reading his map doing nothing wrong. Then he’s followed by francisko and shane calls 911 and home where he names francisko. Then francisko and another follow shane after shane calls 911 tbecause of them. When shane is asked to pull over, even though he has SAID he does not trust them. The one officer asks “…okay?'” Shane obviously answers no and that he will go. The officer opened Shane’s car door ask shane pulled away, and that is why the officer went in the street. Shane couldn’t have known and the officer know Shane could move and shane surely told them Shane turned around when he saw they would pursue. There was a semi coming and shane obviously accelerated and and got in an accident. Francisko shouldn’t have killed him. It was wrong and unnecessay, it didn’t save Kuehll either. Shane’s car was suspended. You can hear the acceleration is suspended cannot and not pushing on the car. Shane is stuck. Kuehl had a bruise. For shane to be treated like a criminal is so wrong and ridiculous. The police should have apologized to shane’s family for making a mistake at best. The whole truth changes everything . They hide it from reports and their reports are like cherry-picked out-of-context pieces of information and are in essence carefully crafted pieces of propaganda. Francisko was facing the accident and saw the huge semi he just waved down and he saw an accident. Shane hit the tail of the cruiser and it spun 45 degrees. Shane was in an an accident and stuck. Francisko who hunts and shoots had a steady close clear view of shane and executed him. He shot shane in the stomach 2 times, in the head, and the heart. A fifth bullet was not retrieved. Hiding the truth and treating shane like a criminal is outrageous. He had no weapon, no police record, no violation, and did nothing wrong. Francisko wanted to know was in that long red bag shane from his mom the night before. He was aggresive and treating shane like a criminal and his approach was the whole problem. Francisko got mad because he knew he had no grounds for a warrant. They followed Shane. Pure harassment. Francisko needs to lose his job and his gun for good.

  • This is ridiculous. Shane is not a criminal. He has no record and was an upstanding citizen. He was harassed for the last 1/2 hour an by the conservation officer Francisko. Francisko needs to lose his gun for good and the police need to make changes in their proceeses of investigating themselves.

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