Mexican Drug War

Mexican Civilian Militia Convoy Ambushed by Drug Cartel Gunmen Caught on Tape-Watch Video Here

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Many people refer to the Mexican state of Michoacán as a “No Man’s Land” since a 3-way war has erupted between civilian militias known in Spanish as “Groupos Auto Defensas” and Drug Cartels and military/police forces. The militias have been born as a result of the frustration by the civilian population to the oppression they have been suffering from the vicious cartels and the governments inability to drive the cartels out.

In this video a convoy of militia are enroute to a town square when they are ambushed by cartel gunmen and a shootout erupts.

Later on the outskirts of town, the militia is met by the Army who disarm them dispite their pleas that without their weapons they will be killed by the cartels.

Watch Video Below

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