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Courage Under Fire, Denver Police Detective Antonio Milow in Shootout with Gunman Attacking Church-Watch Video Here

With bullets flying by his head, standing in the direct line of fire, selflessly and courageously putting himself between the evil and the innocents, this True Blue Warrior Hero saves the lives of more than 40 citizens and miraculously, himself …

Denver, Colorado Police Officer, Detective Antonio Milow, walked into his church in Aurora, Colorado with his family and was greeted with some ominous words by his Pastor. “God told me you will have to do something you have never done before. You will be brave and you will see it through … and you will be okay”. Towards the end of services, there was a vehicle crash outside the church. Brother Antonio ran to assist. As he exited the church doors, he saw a man with a gun. Ofc. Milow pulled his weapon and ordered the gunman to drop his weapon multiple times. The gunman instead, opened fire on Brother Antonio … and kept on shooting.

Ofc. Milow fired back, striking the gunman. Ofc. Milow began his advance but the gunman kept firing. Brother Antonio then tried to find cover … there was none. With bullets flying directly at him and with the gunman advancing in a full sprint, even after being shot several times, Ofc. Milow knew he had to keep the parishioners safe from this lunatic. Ofc. Milow managed to keep his wits about him, staying focused on the gunman while trying to back in through the church doors. The bullets kept coming and Ofc. Milow kept firing back. As Brother Antonio made it through the doors, he yelled for everyone to get to the interior room, close the doors, and get down. They were screaming and scared. He couldn’t get the outer church doors locked and the gunman stormed through. This was it. Ofc. Milow lunged at the gunman to keep him from going any further. Now nose-to-nose with the shooter, staring down at the barrel of the gun, Ofc. Milow struggled with the suspect and then one last shot fired … the gunman went down … for good.

Ofc. Milow was covered in blood but miraculously, none of it was his. Through the multiple shots fired directly at him, the only bullet that hit him went through his shirt. I truly wish that I could end this story here, just giving our Brother a great big “Atta Boy! Great job Warrior!”, but this story does have a sad ending. You see, when the suspect vehicle first crashed, another parishioner who was outside ran to check on the driver. She was immediately shot dead. This wonderful good Samaritan was none other than Officer Milow’s Aunt … Mrs. Josephine Lee Echols, 67.

Watch Video Reenactment Below

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