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* Michael Juricich has been Charged with Impersonating a Police Officer in San Mateo County

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 A San Carlos man has been charged with impersonating a police officer after he allegedly went to a San Mateo County sheriff’s substation and used a fake badge to obtain police reports, a deputy district attorney said today. Michael Juricich, 48, allegedly went to the San Carlos substation on July 11 and showed a fake San Francisco police badge to a records clerk and a sheriff’s sergeant in order to obtain police reports related to a custody issue, Deputy District Attorney Al Serrato said.

 Sheriff’s officials became suspicious and determined that Juricich was not a police officer, Serrato said. Investigators believe Juricich had been to the substation on at least one other occasion and displayed his counterfeit badge to a deputy, Serrato said.

 Juricich was arrested outside his San Carlos home on Friday afternoon. He faces multiple charges of impersonating a peace officer and displaying false government-issued identification. Juricich is out of custody on $10,000 bail. He is scheduled to enter a plea in San Mateo County Superior Court on Aug. 17.   
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  • And your point is?
    No one would ever read or see this anyways! He’s an ass, I was the best thing that ever happened to him in his life and now he regrettably knows it! He deserves everything I inadvertently had setup to hurt him but like always he seems to get out of all situations? Go figure!

  • Are you stupid? It says allegedly in the first line. Talking about yourself in the 3rd person is creepy.

    Just a reminder “your” is used as in “Your current girlfriend is trashy” and “you’re” is used as in “You’re a loser (you are).”
    You used the wrong version–“If your investigating criminal …”

    Did you even graduate high school?

  • Web Controller,

    In posting this story it “ONLY” states what allegedly happened and “NOT” the full story.

    The sergeant/deputies involved in this incident are currently under investigation by the
    San Mateo County Grand Jury.

    It is being investigated that the “Color of Authority” to benefit a specific individual has been violated/abused constituting preferential treatment.
    The charges would also apply to my X, along with her parents, who were former law enforcement utilizing personal relationships.

    Michael Juricich was not charged with any of the alleged news “blast” stories in the media and was an active member of the San Francisco Police Department for approximately 12 Years!

    Michael Juricich is still involved with a volatile child custody situation that correlates to the aforementioned
    stories that were initiated in an attempt to cause defamation before the court against him.

    The reason Michael Juricich was charged with anything was that he still had his San Francisco Police ID in his possession which should have been surrendered when he retired from the department.

    More interesting is along with the current investigation by the SM County Grand Jury against the members of the
    San Mateo County Sheriffs Department is that
    Michael Juricich’s X is also under investigation by association as she committed “Assault & Battery” against the significant other of Michael Juricich.

    Conveniently, the same departmental individuals did not include a video of the assault nor a sworn statement at
    the time of the incident specifying that the X was the instigator!

    This information was not included as it would have brought charges against the X and the negative effect on the
    impending child custody case including tampering with a secured document/falsifying information by a law enforcement agency/individual(s).

    If your investigating criminal situations and report such then this follow-up information needs to be reviewed for validity as it shows the coercion of “corrupt law enforcement members” that should be a bigger story then accusations.

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