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* Rogelio Serrato died in a fire during the Jan. 5 raid in the 200 block of San Antonio Drive

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Monterey County sheriff’s officials have released more information about what led to a man’s death last week in a Greenfield house that was being searched in connection with a New Year’s Day shooting outside a Monterey bar. Rogelio Serrato, 31, died in a fire during the Jan. 5 raid in the 200 block of San Antonio Drive.The home was believed to be connected to a shooting that injured three men outside the Mucky Duck nightclub in Monterey in the early morning hours of Jan. 1, according to the sheriff’s office.Authorities were looking for Alejandro Gonzalez, 23, the suspected shooter, and believed Serrato – who is allegedly a member of two gangs with Gonzalez – would also be there.Serrato, who is believed to be in the Tiny Locos and Vario Greenfus Norte gangs, had two misdemeanor warrants for domestic violence
offenses, sheriff’s officials said.At about 9:25 a.m. on Jan. 5, members of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Special Response Unit and the sheriff’s SWAT team arrived at the home and called for anyone inside to come out.About 20 minutes later, a woman exited the home and said no one else was inside. Authorities continued to wait outside until shortly before 10:30 a.m., when a flash grenade – a diversionary device designed to make a loud explosion and emit smoke – was deployed into the home, sheriff’s officials said.A couple of minutes later, a fire was spotted inside the home, and within 10 minutes,Greenfield firefighters were battling the blaze.After extinguishing the fire, Serrato was found at about 11:15 a.m. in a rear bedroom of the home. He was pronounced dead at the scene.The woman who had exited the home told authorities at the scene that Serrato had been hiding in the attic, sheriff’s Cmdr. Mike Richards said.The ceiling above where Serrato was found was broken downward into the room, so it appears he fell from the attic, sheriff’s officials said.The preliminary autopsy indicates that Serrato died of smoke inhalation, and no other trauma was found on his body.The fire appears to have been caused by the diversionary device “since the place caught on fire right afterward,” Richards said, but added that the official cause remains under investigation.The sheriff’s office released a statement saying authorities “employed all safe means” to bring the raid to a peaceful end.”It is unknown why (Serrato) chose not to exit the residence,” the statement said.Gonzalez was not found during the raid, but he turned himself in to San Jose police on Monday and has since been taken back to Monterey County, Richards said.Gonzalez was booked into Monterey City Jail on three counts of attempted murder and one count each of being a felon in possession of a firearm and a gang enhancement, according to Monterey police.The three men injured in the New Year’s Day shooting are all expected to survive, police said.

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  • To the writter of this falsified report. Im not sure whether or not You were accepting bribes to write this (in recent months monterey county officials have been charged with bribes, drug dealing and manufacturing, sexual assaults, molestation, d.u.i’s battery, assaults murder etc etc) but perhaps you were unaware of all this. Facts: the officers knew whom the person of interest was, your report claims a “mr.gonzalez” was the suspect. ok, even if so, Mr. gonzalez was not in the home on San antonio dr. In fact, he didnt live there, never lived there. So what reasons did the sherrifs have to “believe” he may have been there? Oh thats right the allegedly had “gang ties” right? What evidence if any do you have to back up that statement? Your gang member excuses arent working here gentlemen. Mr. serrato was a lifelong resident of this small agricultural town, also mr. gonzalez. The odds are they’ve known or met mutual friends. Also, if a flash grenade emitts smoke, sparks and such, Isnt it proper protocol and procedure to have a fire chief equipped with the necessary men and equipment to control or oversee this sort of raid? Yes, theres rules and procedures for that and All those “officials of the law” decided not to follow them that day. Fact: a fire chief and emt arrived on the scene after mr. serrato was already removed from the home unconscious and lifeless. This was at 10:37 am jan 5, 2011 not 11:45 like the report above claims, 11:45 was the time the fire chief and medical personell arrived, might i add upon arrival of fire chief and crew many swat/officers were seen laughing, hi fiving one another, making rude remarks and just showing no remorse toward the innocent man whom was dead laying on the front of his lawn, or his family whom witnessed this tragic event, and all this because of theyre inccopitance, I suspect something deeper such as perhaps one of the men whom were out partying at a bar in monterey and was injured during that bar fight, i suspect they either have a close relative in the sherrifs department or something of that nature, maybe it was the fact the the monterey “victims” were white and the suspect was mexican and fit the gangbanger profile…maybe im just lookin for a reasoning for the actions of these “officers”.

  • Where to start…?.. oh yes, first off when you say things like “you act like gang bangers are human”on an article where its clear to have been exaggerated, curved, fabricated or just complete b.s, your blatantly trying to piss people off. If you dont think you should consider some people human due to certain circumstances such as race, where they grow up, the financial class in which they fall under, etc etc then you sir are firstly mistaken, second you are a coward (because any man would fight for what they believe in) and I dont mean typing comment on homocide pages either. Finally you obviously are either a relative of the apparent” victims” at the mucky duck incident. Maybe it was that EXACT kind of attitude that caused this all. you are offensive cowardly and narrowminded, good luck with that, just think if you meet someone like you maybe theyll treat you inhumane as well. one can only hope.

  • Staff Writer: Again you show yourself, and your lack of humaness. He died because “smoke rises”? No, he died because flash grenades were shot into his house setting it on fire. You say he made a bad decision. I am sure that he didnt think, nor would you, that being burned alive (fire rises too) by the police would be one of the consequences of his choice to hide. This type of overkill by the cops happens way too often. Maybe someday a pistol will be put to your head because the SWAT team is looking for someone you know or maybe they just went to the wrong address, I hope you make good decisions if that happpens.

  • Mitch, in answer to our questiuon
    Copyright © 2011 by Bay City News, Inc. Republication, Rebroadcast or any other Reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited.

    Also It sounds like he was hiding in the attic and died from smoke inhalation. That is because smoke rises. I see this was his decision not to surrender. Since we were both not there we can only guess what happen. My guess is though, it was a decisions point for Serrato and he made the wrong one. I’m sorry for your loss.

  • Who wrote this? Police murder the wrong man and it is written up like you are reporting on a school board meeting. The author makes it sound like it was ok to burn this man alive just because he was a gang member.

  • These cops were criminals and idiots.
    This police state has got to go.
    Slash police budgets now!

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