Mexican Drug War

Will the Mexican Government Collapse From War Against Drug Cartels?-Voice Your Opinion

Fugitive Watch is one the few media outlets that has been monitoring and taking the lead publishing news about the major war going on in Mexico. It simply amazes us that the average American citizen has no idea of the severity and implications of this war. We do this because we feel that in the name of humanity the people of Mexico need our help. The American people should also help for a couple of other good reasons. We as a country play a major responsibility for causing this war by our insatiable appetite for illegal drugs.

Major military battles not seen since the 1910 Mexican revolution are occurring daily in Mexico.  Many of these battles are fought within a few feet on our border and are terrorizing American border cities. Stray gunfire from these battles has killed American citizens and terrified Americans in Texas neighborhoods can hear explosions from heavy weapons and hand grenades in battle. The drug cartels are ruthless murderers of innocent and guilty alike. They routinely commit bloody atrocities cutting off the heads of police officers and soldiers and they massacre innocent men, women and children without mercy.  The drug cartels make the Al Quida terrorists look like a bunch of cub scouts.

American sheriff’s and police departments are pleading for help. They are outnumbered, outgunned and are not able to defend themselves against the power of the cartels.  One sheriff’s department along the Texas/Mexican border only has 28 deputies. They are civilian police agencies and not designed to defend themselves or their communities against this type of military strength threat. Their whole department could be massacred if attacked by the cartels. The Phoenix police department in Arizona has been feeling the spillover from the drug war. They have on average one kidnapping a day and have an entire kidnapping investigative unit with detectives and SWAT team just to handle all the kidnappings. At least one American Army general has testified to the grave severity of the current situation in Mexico and his comments paint a very bleak picture.

Mexico is at a crossroad in history. The people of Mexico are paying the price for years of a corrupt oligarchy. Mexico, a third world country, has more millionaires per capita than any other country in the world and has the richest man in the world with more money than Bill Gates while half the people languish in poverty. Some cartels are raking in 250 million dollars a week and a drug cartel leader was listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 richest men in the world. The country has painted themselves into a corner. The Mexican government has lost all sovereignty to huge portions of their country to the drug cartels and general lawlessness. The choice for Mexico now is clear. Do they allow drug cartels to flourish, as a state within a state? They must defeat the cartels or back down and turn the keys of Mexico over to them and become a failed state run by warlords similar to Somalia.

The American CIA, Army and Pentagon have prepared secret plans for the collapse of the Mexican government because it is a real possibility. The Mexican Army, Navy and Marines have been deployed in combat for 4 years now without a break and no end is in sight (American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are normally rotated after a 12 month combat tour). The Mexican troops are exhausted and there are no reserves to give them meaningful breaks from combat. Ciudad Juarez is the murder capitol of the world. Last year, over 2,500 people were murdered in the city. In Ciudad Juarez alone, 1/4 of the population has fled the city, leaving behind 100,000 abandoned homes and 40% of the businesses have closed. If Mexico implodes we will feel the impact. Millions of Mexican refugees will flee the drug war and criminal violence and cross the border completely overwhelming our border states ability to care for them.

Despite his political critics, Mexican President Felipe Calderon has done what no other president has done since the 1910 revolution. He has shown bravery and courage putting his own life and the lives of his family on the line. He has finally told his people that we must admit there is an elephant in the living room and quit pretending it’s not there. Every other Mexican president before him that has allowed the government corruption and drug cartels to flourish deserve to be publicly denounced by the world and go down in history for the criminal cowards they were.

President Calderon does not have much time left.  If he is not able to defeat the cartels by the next election or if the country implodes there will be plenty of rival political parties and candidates willing to get into bed with the devil.  They will promise the Mexican people that they will end the war, which will translate to we go back to business as usual.  They will cut a deal with the drug cartels. The drug cartels will be allowed to operate, the army will return to their barracks, the police will be emasculated, corruption will again be the order of business. The cartels will be the real government. The new political government officials, the oligarchy and the cartels will line their pockets with money while the masses will remain poor with little to no way out of poverty and at the mercy to the whims of drug cartel warlords.

With the lack of a functioning Mexican government, the US will then have to decide if we will work with the drug cartels.

The American people share responsibility for this war. Our demand for the drugs, our cash and our guns fuel the war. Most of the guns used by the cartels against the military and police are bought legally and illegally in American gun stores and then smuggled into Mexico. The US has few options to help the Mexican people rid themselves of this hellhole. The Blackhawk army helicopters the Obama administration is sending to the Mexican Army is too little, too late.

The next California election will complicate matters when its voters decriminalize Marijuana.  Why should Mexican soldiers and police officers die fighting the drug cartels to stop the smuggling of a drug the American people want so bad that they are decriminalizing it.

What if anything can the US do to keep Mexico from imploding?

Please join the discussion, give us your feedback and comments below and let the world know your opinion.

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  • I don’t use marijuana now and even if it was legal I still wouldn’t but I honestly don’t think marijuana is the problem. If prop 19 passes, cultivation of a higher grade product in CA will pretty much stop the flow of the garbage coming over the border now. If anything corporatizing the industry seems like the only way a government could regulate it. Look at alcohol sales, yes the system is not perfect but its for the most part controlled. I don’t know where to get the figures or even know how anybody could get accurate figures on the flow of Cocaine, Heroin and methamphetamines flowing into the country but I’d guess that is the true problem. This sounds really crazy but just listens…If the CIA or DEA infiltrated one of the cartels, sealed the border really tight…Like Israel…Secretly allowed the flow of narcotics into the country, favored one cartel giving them Intel and logistics to defeat the other cartels. Over this time period gather tons and tons of Intel on the new network…Then one day 5 or 10 years down the road arrest and completely dismantle all stages of the network..Finance, Supply….I know that sounds crazy but considering how corrupt the government of mex is I don’t see how anybody can stop this…The demand will never go away….If you were placed in command of a taskforce specifically tasked with ending this war where would you start?

  • As a person from Culiacan I can tell you that regardless of what the media portraits my city as the second most violent city in Mexico, it is not so. Culiacan is a vibrant, modern, beautiful city. People go about their business as always. I was there less than a month ago and downtown was alive and friendly. The violence is prevalent among drug-dealers and thugs. These people, as far as we’re concern (regular people in Culiacan) can kill themselves with all our blessings. Unfortunately, there are people killed in the crossfire, as it happens in most of big American cities. The big problem is in the border cities. Let us pray for president Obama and his cabinet to realize that Mexico needs as much help as Iraq and Afganistan. We need a clean-up in the Mexican government. President Calderon can’t do it alone. God bless America and Mexico.

  • This totally blows my mind. I am totally shocked. How can this be happening and Obama does even tell us.

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