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* Arthur Jenkins Arrested by Oakland Police for Alleged Probation Violation-Guns Seized

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On February 18, 2010, at 09:00 A.M. Oakland Police Departments G.I.T.F (Gang/Gun, Investigative, Task, Force) officers responded to 1715 High Street in an attempt to conduct a probation search. Officers contacted Arthur Jenkins, who was on probation for drug sales. During the search, officers discovered nine firearms and approximately one pound of marijuana.. Arthur Jenkins 29-year-old Oakland resident was arrested for felon in possession of firearms and possession of marijuana for sales.  During the course of the investigation, officers discovered that one of the firearms was an illegal assault weapon. The Oakland Police Department wants to give credit to Officer Fred Shavies and the rest of the Task Force for recovering these dangerous weapons and keeping the citizens of Oakland safe. This type of police work is an example of the Oakland Police Department’s commitment to creating a safer Oakland by focusing on violence, gangs, guns, and drugs. The Oakland Police Department Investigations Division is currently looking into the possible connection between the guns and gang members. Jenkins was transported to the North County Jail.

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  • Don’t believe everything that you read. In my defense I wasn’t in pin possesion of any of those weapons that police found in a apartment above my apartment on high St. How can u charge a man for something that u find in a 36 unit apartment complex especialy when his is clean with nothing illegal in it. Not one bubullet or bud.

  • I would be much more afraid of the AK than the sawed off shotgun. Not that either one should be illegal, but in a gang type fight in a residential area, an automatic AK can kill people blocks away inside homes, the shotgun is only going to kill within 10 feet or so.

  • LOL @ the newspaper hyping up the “illegal assault weapon” thing- which is a California only law – when no one mentions the sawed-off shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18 inches- a Federal offense illegal in all 50 states- sitting right there at the top of the picture.

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