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* Caught on Tape-AC Transit Bus Fight in Oakland Both Parties Injured-Warning Graphic

This is a recording of a fight between an elderly man and young man on an AC Transit bus.  Sheriff’s deputies responded and took both parties to the hospital.  It is unknown at this time if any arrests were made. Do you feel it is safe to ride on AC Transit? Answer in the comment section below.

Warning this video contains explicit language and violence.

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  • Glad to see a veteran beat the shit out of a thug. Especially an old man vet. Anyways…if that was my father whom is a Vietnam and Saudi Arabi Vet that was in that situation. I know he will defend himself and beat the shit out of that thug. Also if that was me an Iraq Vet x2…I do the same. Youngsters need to respect the elders.

  • If this was a white punk kid on an old black man Buriss, Sharpton and all them other race baiting idiots would be out yelling racism, inciting mobs and riots. Where are they now? They could care less about anybody else. This black thug should get arrested but he won’t because of political correctness.

  • Of course its not safe. You take your chances when you ride any public transit in Oakland or any other crime infested area. Lucky that old guy could defend himself he could not then Then the thug wold have kept hitting him. This kid has a chip on his shoulder and is obviously racist but in this society we act like people of color cant be held accountable for committing racist crimes.

  • Yes Yes, That racist black kid needed to have his ass kicked. The old guy walked away to avoid the conflict and that THUG PUNK walked up to him 3x and then he hit the old guy and the guy did what he needed to do to defend himself. Then he stopped that thug needed more of his ass kicked the guy showed alot of restrain.Then that punk acted like he was the victim yaaaa right. Where is Burris???? as always if this was a young white punk and an old black man the city would march and that ass hole Burris would demanding a lynching. I bet nothing happens to the punk that started and caused it it because our society is ass backwards.

  • Way to go. Nothing like running your mouth to an old man and getting your ass kicked by one. Every thug needs to be taught a lesson. Love this video!

  • YES its safe, I would of loved to see this in person, thug getting his ass handed to him for having a big mouth
    well done chap
    spot on