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* 15 Year Old Girl Gang Raped on Richmond High School Campus

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Richmond police are looking for between four and seven males who allegedly beat, robbed and gang-raped a 15-year-old girl on the Richmond High School campus Saturday night, police Lt. Mark Gagan said today.  Investigators believe that as many as 10 people witnessed the attack and failed to stop or report it.  “This is just a horrific crime,” Gagan said. “The victim was beaten, sexually assaulted, robbed and dehumanized … What’s even more disturbing is that other people came by and witnessed the attack and failed to report it.” He said he is confident that police will be able to find out who was involved in the attack and what roles they played. The attack happened shortly before midnight Saturday in an alleyway on the north side of campus at 1250 23rd St., about an hour after the school’s homecoming dance ended. When officers arrived, they saw several males running away and found the victim, a Richmond High School student, unconscious, police said. She was airlifted to a local hospital in critical condition. Her condition has since been upgraded to stable, police said. The officers detained a 19-year-old man who was seen running from the high school shortly after the attack and arrested him on suspicion of rape, Richmond police Sgt. Bisa French said.  He was still in custody this morning, but hadn’t yet been charged. Please call the Fugitive Watch hot line at 1-800-9-CAUGHT (1-800-922-8448) or text at 408-355-0999 if you know the names of these men or have any information that can help solve this crime.

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  • we’ll i think that is very messed up , like c’mon now , how you going to rape / robb / and beat somebody . especially a GIRL!!!! like wtheck and their boys , smh , i really feel bad for the girl , thats a dam shame , these boys are really sick , and nasty ,thats not even proper manners right there , they need to be in jail for the rest of their life’s . & get beatin , raped, and robbed and see how they like it ,!!!!!smfh , i heard about the story from my 4th period teacher . she was very devistated , she says she heard it on the radio this morning , and it litterally made her sick , i feel her on that, thats just reallly nasty , i just that shes alright and nothing happends to her , because thats just crazy, i hope she lives , and she wont catch anything from them discusting boys ,,,,,

  • I grew up in a small town. The violence I witnessed in high school was terrifying. I was expelled for refusing to go to school for 4 months. There were guys like these there. One of my friends stood up to them. He was expelled for carrying a handgun, it was to protect himself: they threatened to kill him for exposing them. 2 months later he was dead. His death was ruled an accident.

    The girls could tell you so much more.

    2 years later a 15 year old girl was raped and murdered. A jock was prosecuted, it was suspected he was covering for his buddies. He got 2 life sentences, back to back with possible parole in 40 years. I hope he dies in there.

    “they saw several males running away and found the victim”. Yup, fat donut eating Barnie Fife dumb as a stick let them get away. I am disgusted. Recruits and firemen go through rigorous that would kill these worthless sh;theads. Lets make cops smarter by requiring they pass the bar, then lets only let the fit ones answer calls. This will fix a lot of the current issues.

    If you know this girl, respect her privacy. What she is going through demands your honor. If you know the perps or witnesses, tell the DA.

    Can we please have a death penalty for rapists and murderers? Please? Otherwise don’t mind us while we defend ourselves, you worthless institutional union-suckup tree-hugging legal system sleeping employees.

  • Do exactly to them what was done to her, then put them away for good and let the other sick inmates continue doing it to them because from what I see and continue to seen they cannot be rehabilitated to the good so I don’t mind paying the taxes for prisons/salaries since they surely wouldn’t get the death sentence (to bad!!) and you know they will all be let go early just as the justice system let Dugard go and see what occured !!!!! Sick if it was my kid I would handle it myself for sure…….

  • These boys who beat and gang-raped this child are evil rapists pedophiles. They will only get worse as they get older. They should also be beaten half to death, and thrown into a den of pitbulls for 2 hours then drag their asses accross town. No mercy. By the way it is a felony to give alcohol to a child. It is a felony to abuse, molest and rape a child. It is a felony to have photos of child rape and child porn. They should all be hauled off to jail.

  • Well you should call the police and let them know.. anything to help the catch these guys would be greatly appreciated by $%#@ and her family!

  • i attend Richmond high school I’m a freshmen . I know the girl i had study skills with her. I hapend to be in the homecoming that night… who would of known that all of this was happening to #@$%…?my older brother also attended R.H.S his telling me he knows the 3 suspect. His a year older than my brother. and he also know’s who that guy hangs out with……

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