* Police Shootout Caught on Tape Shows the Danger Our Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies Face-Watch Video Here

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This video depicts a pursuit and shootout that happened when New Mexico police officers and sheriff’s deputies tried to arrest a violent criminal.  The incident began when Bloomfield police officers were dispatched to a call of a disturbance at a laundry mat.  The suspect vehicle fled the scene and was found a short time later in a trailer park.  When the officers arrived, the suspect backed his car into the police car then drove forward and pinned another officer against a chain link fence.  Officers fired a taser at him but missed him.  A police pursuit resulted when the suspect fled the scene.  San Juan County Sheriff’s deputies joined the pursuit as it continued out of town.  During the pursuit, the suspect and his female juvenile accomplice repeatedly shot at the deputies and police officers. A male accomplice jumped out of the car as it was traveling between 95-100 miles per hour. The pursuit ended in the Navajo Indian Reservation.  The female juvenile ran into a house but was captured a short time later.  The suspect was shot and wounded by police officers and sheriff’s deputies and one officer was also wounded.  The suspect and the female accomplice were both convicted in court.  The suspect was sentenced to 30 years on federal charges and 25 years on state charges.  The female juvenile was sentenced to 3 years in a juvenile facility for shooting at the officers.
CLICK HERE For More Excitement Caught On Video

CLICK HERE For More Excitement Caught On Video

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