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San Jose Police DO NOT Make Too Many Drunk in Public Arrests!

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The Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels once said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”, “for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie”. This is exactly what is transpiring in the ongoing accusations against the San Jose Police Department of profiling, unjust and illegal drunk in public arrests of “Hispanics”.  The people that are promoting this lie have never provided one shred of objective academic, sociological or validated evidence to substantiate their allegations.

They and the Mercury News only provide emotional self-serving allegations and frivolous non-objective biased statistical comparisons with other police departments.  The Mercury News recently quoted an Ad Hoc task force member as saying “I believe there is a credibility and trust issue between the SJPD, the city administration and the city at large”.

“It is real, it is persistent and it is growing.”  What scientific evidence does he have to support such a serious allegation?  Has there been a Gallup Poll, Harris Poll or Pew Research Center survey we have not been told about? They are only offering lynch mob accusations. I have never had a friend or relative of mine tell me they do not trust the San Jose Police Department.

Again they do not provide any academic objective evidence that there is a lack of trust.  An NAACP spokesperson spins arrests statistics by alleging that a recent reduction in the percentage of drunk arrests as “proof” they were right in their accusations. What statistics would proof they are wrong?  If they arrest rate remained the same? If the arrest rate increased?

No doubt they would have spun the statistics and claimed any rate of arrests as proof they are right.  In my opinion, these “activists” believe that if they tell this big lie enough and intimidate the politicians, they can get people to believe it. Allow me to provide a few facts to shed some light on this dark lie.

1. There is academic and medical studies that conclude that Mexican-American males have a higher rate (up to 3 times that of non-Hispanics) of alcoholism than the general population and that they have a higher rate of binge and “heavy” drinking and associated problems (which would include getting arrested for drunk in public) when they drink.  There are medical studies that report that Mexican-Americans have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism.

2. New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the New York Police Department significantly reduced crime by enforcing “minor” offenses which included public drunkenness which helped to reduce violent crime.

3. For six years in a row San Jose had the distinction of being selected has the Safest Big City in America. Not the other cities with “less drunk in public arrests”.

4. Mercury News did not publish any information on how the other police departments arrived at their statistics.  Are they using the exact same criteria that the San Jose Police Department does?  Is their violent crime rate higher than San Jose?  Is there a correlation? If the other police departments use sobering stations and do not count drunk in public arrestees as arrested than they would naturally have a lower arrest count. The San Jose Police Department does not have access to a sobering station.

5. What is the statistical proportion of “Hispanic” males vs. “non-Hispanic” males downtown at the times of these arrests?

6. The San Jose Police Department did have access to a sobering station in the past.  People that were taken there were allowed to sober up and offered anti-alcohol abuse materials and services and released when they sobered up.  They were not charged with drunk in public.  However many arrestees were not allowed and had to be booked into jail because of the sobering station rules that barred certain types of drunk in public arrestees from the sobering station. A few of the rules were that arrestees would be refused by the sobering station if the arrestee was a repeat offender, violent, aggressive or threatening the staff, so drunk he could not stand or appeared medically in danger.  It was my understanding that the sobering station closed because they ran out of funding.  This had nothing to do with the San Jose Police Department.

7. Just because the district attorney did not file charges of drunk in public does not mean the arrest was an illegal arrest or the person was not drunk in public.  If you do not believe me ask the district attorney’s office.

I’am a Mexican-American and I have spent most of my life living and working in the “Hispanic” part of town.  One of the major problems that reduced the quality of life for me was having to tolerate the never-ending problem of “Hispanic” public drunks in the “Hispanic” part of town.  They make life miserable for so many of my fellow “Hispanics”.

I have not conducted a scientific study but I see them daily. They are in our parking lots, sidewalks, laundry rooms and businesses.  Many of them are filthy, lice ridden, have defecated in their pants and urinate in public. They harass and scare fellow “Hispanic” women and children.  They scare away customers from our “Hispanic” owned businesses that are trying to make a living.

Over the years I have seen many of them arrested repeatedly for drunk in public only to be released the next day and return to the same spot drunk.  Many times these same drunks repeatedly cause the fire department, paramedics and police to respond.  They are so drunk the jail will not accept them.  They cause us to lose the services of those emergency personnel for real emergencies.  They cause highly trained police officers to be taken off the street for hours to baby-sit the drunk at the hospital until he sobers up. This means fewer officers for the “Hispanic” part of town.  Yes these “Hispanic” drunks drastically reduce the quality of life for fellow “Hispanics”.

In my opinion their suggestion to place a moratorium on arresting drunks is absurd and illegal.  Trying to create a baseless racial discrimination issue over drunk in public arrests insults the memory of real victims of racial discrimination. They would better benefit the “Hispanic” community by using their energy to address the issue of alcoholism in the “Hispanic” community.

This Op-Ed is written by and the opinion of Steve Ferdin.

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  • both of my parents work in law enforcement. yes, profiling does exist. absolutely my older half siblings that are black get pulled over much more than me as a white girl. yeah, my dad says that’s just the reality. funny cause one of my siblings is in the marines and the other works for the irs while im still bumming it in college. they’re square as can be while i’m still going out on the weekends. i believe the comment above that i could probably transport a kilo and a dead body in the trunk of my prius and go undetected while my siblings could not.

  • actually, san jose had the title for safest big city from 2000-2006 and has continued to drop from 3rd to 4th since. san jose’s drunk in public arrests increased 60% in 2004, the same year Rob Davis became chief of the SJ police department.

    san jose was ranked higher PRIOR to the spike in drunk in public arrests. so how can anyone argue that these drunk in public arrests are making us safer? we were doing better BEFORE.

  • What a bunch of C%$^ evryone wants to blame others because they act stupid when drinking. Hey STOP drinking if you cant act human. The police are doing their job and keeping people safe and that includes safe from some dumb drunk.

  • Im all for getting drunk, wasted, pants falling,stumbling everywhere, people out of downtown. And most of them are mexicans. You know why cus there are more mexicans in san jose. so of coarse there are going to be more arrest on that race. Whatever the majority is. Thats going to be the race to get messed with more. Its logical thinking. For example 100 mexicans 30 of them get arrested. Thats 30% right. 60 white people. 15 arrested. Thats 25 percent. 10 asian 2 get arrested thats 20 percent. These are not real facts just an example. But see the point if you can comprende! So leave the police alone let them do their jobs. And they will leave you alone if your good and not drunk and stupid which most of you are!

  • 49iners You have an obvious chip on your shoulder. You sound exactly like the obnoxious drunk punks that get arrested downtown. I’m sure you have been arrested for being a drunk Pendejo and now you hate the police. Me and my friends like to go downtown to party and we have never been bothered by the police.

  • Hey Joe mr san jose resident screw you. the san jose police are just out to screw up peoples night the last two times i was there they arrested my friend for some old warrant and we told them we could prove that the warrant was not even good. Then last time they towed our car and arrested my friend for drinking in public. there was four of us in the car and 3 of us had good drivers liscence but bthey said because the driver of the car had a bad licence they tow our car. they could have let one of us take the car but instead they told us they call us a cab. YAAAA right all the way back to modesto those cops new we were far from home they still took the car. F&*ck san jose police. they dont care about anything but putting mexicans in jail that is the only reason they even stop us its bull sh*&. tell your mexicam american to walk by those cops after he has a beer and see if he feel the same.

  • I am a San Jose downtown resident I feel the San jose police are doing an outstanding job. Over the past few years I am proud to have people visit me near my home. we are able to walk the streets with out fear. I had a very nice conversation with several officers last night. I asked why there was so many officers down town? They were very nice and explained to me that they were there simply to make sure the citizens who come down town can enjoy themselves with out worrying about any one causing problems. They encouraged us to have a great time and even suggested some safe places to enjoy ourselves. My brother from Washington was with us (Mexican American) and he made the comment wow what a great attitude San Jose police have. They made us feel safe not scared that they would arrest us. People lets not forget everything in moderation this includes alcohol. Thank you San Jose Police

  • I support the San Jose Police Department enforcing the law
    and protecting the public by arresting drunk in public
    people, no matter what is their race.

  • Well Well, I am Mexican american and I know what it is like living in San Jose, born and raised. I have seen it for myself how this profiling occurs and its sad but true. That is why I drive a beetle;) its low profile so I wont get stopped as often. However my boyfriend isnt so lucky, we always get stopped for bullshit, its ok whatever. If you got nothing to hide they cant fuck with you anyways so let them do their job, and keep on truckin.

  • Truthhurts probably can’t even go out at night. Mommy won’t let him. He is talking about playing Grand Theft Auto over at his white friend’s house.

  • Hey Imnotwhite I agree with you Truthhurts sounds like some ignorant punk that has been in trouble and wants to blame it on the man. then he trys to back it up with I have friends in law enforcement thats like a white person trying to defend their ignorant actions by saying Hey I got Black and Mexican friends. Ya that gives your pathetic ignorant statement validity. Truthhurts which one of these fugitives are you?

  • That’s why I let my white friends drive……..we can ride around with bodies in the trunk….kilos of cocaine..assault weapons….and never ever ever ever get pulled over. Sad but true…when white people tell you (hey let me drive) we’re in San Jose….then it’s more than just a made up story. I believe in Law Enforcement…have friends on the force in various cities and states….but keeping it real, profiling is alive and well. Sad to say….God Bless America.

  • Some people if you wanna call them people will use any excuse to get drunk and stupid then blame others.

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