Fugitive Watch Arranges for the Surrender of an Attempted Murder/Robbery Suspect

Survaillance image of alleged suspect on Light Rail

Image of alleged suspect which led to his surrender.

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San Jose, CA March 30th, 2008

ID # 08-076 and 08-090

Fugitive Watch is proud to announce that a man suspected of a gang related Attempted Murder and Robbery has surrendered to San Jose police after seeing himself in the Fugitive Watch Newspaper. Jesse Vigil, age 18 years used his cell phone and called the Fugitive Watch Hotline 1-800-9-CAUGHT at about 1:30 am.

He told Fugitive Watch founder Steve Ferdin that he saw his photo on the Fugitive Watch Web Site and in the most recent April edition of the Fugitive Watch Newspaper. He said he was driving around in his car and he wanted to turn himself to the police.

Vigil even asked Ferdin for directions to the nearest Fugitive Watch Newspaper rack so he could get a copy of the photo to show police in case the police did not believe him. Ferdin and co-founder Scott Castruita coordinated between Vigil and the police. Ferdin instructed Vigil to drive to his home on Spinnaker Drive in South San Jose and Castruita would arrange for police officers to contact him there. San Jose police detectives responded to the house and after interviewing Vigil, arrested him.

Detective Rolando Segura reports that on November 14th, 2007 at about 12:30 am a victim got onto the light rail train at the at 2nd Street and Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose. The victim then exited the train at the Capitol and Narvaez station. According to witnesses, the suspect then allegedly followed the victim off the train and grabbed him from behind, stabbing the victim 4 times in the back. He then repeatedly kicked the victim in the face until the victim went unconscious.

The suspect then took the victim’s sport shoes and then pushed the victim onto the tracks. The victim remained unconscious in a coma for a week fighting for his life. Detective Segura said the injuries were so serious that he was not sure if it was going to turn into a homicide case. The attacker was not known but police had a surveillance video of the suspect on the train. Fugitive Watch featured the surveillance photo and within a week Vigil saw himself and surrendered.

This is Fugitive Watch’s 1025th captured.

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