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Teenage Drinking and Driving

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Teenage Drunk Driving! Know the Facts! If You Drink, Don’t Drive.

If You Drive, Don’t Drink.

The aforementioned rule applies to drivers of all ages. I will present some unique rules which only apply to drivers under the age of 21. The number one killer of teenagers is drunk driving. Approximately 4,000 teenagers in the United States are killed each year in alcohol related traffic accidents. Another 85,000 are injured. Not all have been drinking: some are passengers or innocent bystanders.

Drunk Driving And The Law:

Drunk driving is against the law in all states! The penalties for driving under the influence, are: loss of your driving privilege, prison, monetary fines, and one’s insurance carrier could cancel one’s insurance. Courts today are trying 16 and 17-year olds as adults where death or serious injury has occurred. Remember, if you are less than 21, it is illegal to purchase or drink an alcoholic beverage anywhere in California.

Immediate Drivers License Suspension For Under Age 21!

As a result to all the alcoholic related deaths and injuries involving teenagers, the legislature enacted a new law which requires the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles, to suspend for one year any driver less than 21 years old with a blood alcohol content of .01% or more as measured by a preliminary alcohol screening test, or who refuses or fails to complete a test. To reach a level of .01%, is equivalent to drinking approximately one beer or eating a “rum ball.” It does not take much to reach that level. Of course it would depend upon when the drink was consumed, if that person has eaten, and the individuals metabolism.

What Can Be Done?

Many groups have been organized to combat and educate others to the hazards of drinking and driving. We all know someone who has either been arrested for DUI or someone who was injured by a DUI.

One of my teenage friends was involved in a solo injury traffic accident. He had been drinking at a party and was driving home. Unfortunately, due to his drinking, he was unable to negotiate a curve and struck a tree. He was comatose for quite some time and left with permanent injuries.

Now, he tours the country telling his story and leaving a lasting impact. I truly believe his accident happened for a reason since his testimony had helped a multitude of others, deterring them from drinking and driving and learning accountability. My friends blood alcohol content was less than legal limit.

However, it does not take much alcohol to inhibit one’s driving ability. Alcohol is a depressant and it slows physical reactions and thought processes. Everyone, not only teenagers, needs to take responsibility. Don’t drink and drive and Don’t Allow Others to Drink and Drive!!

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