Hawaii, Police Sites and Criminal Wanted pages

Hawaii’s Most Wanted Fugitives

Fugitive Watch Hawaii’s wanted Fugitives and Police web Sites. It’s a comprehensive page where you can view Hawaii’s Police web sites and most wanted internet sites. This page will link you to  most wanted fugitive web pages in Hawaii. Here you can see USA’s most wanted fugitives in Hawaii. Check wanted fugitives where you or your family are visiting or living. There are  hundreds of internet sites that will take you where you want to go. There is information regarding  local police departments  throughout Hawaii. You can view dangerous most wanted fugitives. You can read about crime stats in cities where your family and friends live and visit. Help track down some of these wanted criminals suspected of crimes all over the USA just by clicking your way around.


You can call the Fugitive Watch hot line if you know where these felonies suspects may be or you can give a tip. Of course you can always call the local police department’s emergency numbers or 911. These and other numbers are located in the list of links for Hawaii’s fugitive’s page. Fugitives don’t forget you can run but you can’t hide!

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