San Francisco Bay Area

Two men are Accused of Harassing a Shop Owner for Displaying a Rainbow Flag in Fremont Ca.

Fremont police are searching for two men who are accused of harassing a shop owner for displaying a rainbow flag above her building. The store owner, Rae Steckler-Homorody, said the encounter left her shaken. According to Steckler-Homorody, a man entered her antique store and was angry that the Pride flag was flying outside of her shop instead of the American flag.

She said the man started yelling obscenities at her. ” ‘Don’t you know that men died for you and died for this country and what’s the matter with you,’” Steckler-Homorody said. About 25-minutes later, the man returned with a second person and they both continued to berate her. A witness called Fremont police and she was able to snap a picture of the two. Police have yet to publicly release the image of the two suspects.

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