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Two Citizens Brought Ammunition and Rocket Propelled Grenades Into Sunnyvale’s Public Safety Headquarters

Two citizens brought ammunition and rocket propelled grenades into Sunnyvale’s public safety headquarters, prompting an evacuation of the building, public safety officials said. The citizens brought a box containing the ammunition and three World War II rocket propelled grenades into the lobby of the public safety headquarters at 700 All American Way.

The citizens wanted to have the items disposed of. They found the box in the garage of a parent’s home, public safety officials said. The ammunition and grenades were isolated in the lobby, the headquarters evacuated and the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad called. The bomb squad responded and x-rayed the grenades and determined they were inert.

Public safety officials said the bomb squad took apart the grenades and took them for disposal. Sunnyvale 911 services were moved to the county communications center. A mobile emergency operation center was brought in to public safety headquarters to maintain dispatch services for police and firefighters. Public safety officials said that anyone who finds potential explosives should leave the items where they found them, evacuate the area and call 911.

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