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Alexander Troy Uber Driver Allegedly Steals Gold Necklace Worth Thousands off Customer’s Neck in Palm Harbor

A 17-year-old boy’s necklace was brazenly ripped off his neck by an Uber driver early Sunday morning, according to deputies. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call around 2:25 am, and met the victim, Jared Combs and his friend at a residence on 2664 Wildwood Lane.

The victim told deputies he and his friend caught an Uber home from another friend’s house. When they got out of the Uber, he says the driver started mumbling something about the fare being canceled, and that he wasn’t going to get paid. The driver then became agitated and demanded money, and the two parties began arguing.

Before Combs or his friend could reason with the driver, deputies tell us the driver jumped out the vehicle and ripped a gold chain off of the other passenger’s neck. The necklace is valued between $3,000-$5,000.

According to the Uber app, the driver’s name is “Alexander.” Investigators later identified the driver as 28-year-old Alexander Troy. When detectives showed up at Troy’s residence, located at 5001 Foxbridge Circle North in Clearwater, they found the gold chain sitting in his car.

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