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Police Officer Aaron Bulmer Jumps into Lake to Save Drowning Boy Caught on Camera

Topeka Police Officer Aaron Bulmer spotted the four-year-old as he was searching for people involved in a fight.

He saw the child walking toward the pond at Central Park Community Center, Topeka, Kansas, USA, and when he got out of his car realised he had fallen into the water.

Officer Bulmer’s bodycam recorded the moment he jumped into the water to save the child, who was crying as he scooped him clear of the pond.

Officer Aaron Bulmer has been hailed as a hero.

The toddler in the water as seen from the bodycam.
The bodycam recorded Officer Bulmer pulling up in his car next to the park with the pond, at about 11.30am on Sunday.

After seeing the tot fall in, the officer – wearing a bodycam – sprints towards the pond.

“Hey!” he yells at the child.

Without a moment’s thought he dives into the water and scoops the kid out.

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