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5-Year-Old Boy Walks 2 Blocks Alone to Save His Parents Who Overdosed on Drugs

Middleton, Ohio police say a 5-year-old boy rescued his overdosing parents by walking two blocks, alone and in the dark, to alert a relative that he thought they were dead.

Officers arrived at the couple’s home Thursday morning and found that they had overdosed on heroin, according to a Middletown Police Facebook post.

Emergency responders used a drug-overdose antidote to revive the unresponsive couple. Authorities also found a 3-month-old baby girl sitting in a car seat nearby.

The couple, whom officials identified as Lee Johnson and Chelsie Marshall, acknowledged using heroin and were jailed on child-endangerment charges.

The police department shared the story on Facebook, urging drug users to seek help and for their loved ones to help them.

Facebook post from Middleton Police:

We had a very disturbing call today and we are going to share it with you – We need to reach everyone with hope to stop this.
A 5 year old boy walked two blocks this morning barefoot at 5am in the dark to a relative’s house to say that his parents were dead……Officers Ryan Morgan and Trey Porter arrived on scene along with the fire department and went to the boy’s home and found that both parents had overdosed on heroin. Our Paramedics, doing what they do on a daily basis, were able to revive both parents.

Did we mention there was a 3 month old baby girl sitting in a car seat in this home with its parents passed out who are supposed to keep it safe out of harm’s way? They are supposed to be her guardians and never let anything bad happen to her.
This 5 year old child, a hero, saved 3 lives today. How can something so awesome be so sad all at the same time? We brought the young boy and infant into the police department after the incident. He was given a badge for being so brave.The parents have been charged with Child Endangering. We are sick and tired of some people not caring about their kids enough to allow this to happen. Similar stories have popped up recently all over Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.

IT HAS TO STOP! PLEASE get help before it’s too late. Not only to save yourself, but to save your kids. Give these kids a chance by getting help. If you or someone you love has a drug problem, please seek help right now. Here are a few resources to help get you started in the right direction – Share them with those who need it:


Celebrating Restorationhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1024990800849892/

Access Counseling Services

Community Behavioral Health

Recovery Works

Choices Behavioral Health or call any of our churches, they will guide you in the right direction

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