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Cecil Kutz a Pennsylvania man Arrested for Allegedly Locking 22 Month Old in A Cage While Visiting Girlfriend

A Pennsylvania man is locked up after authorities say he left his three young children home alone – one locked in a homemade cage. Cecil Kutz, 37, who is also known as Gene, was taken into custody after state police were called to his home on Chestnut Street near Cressona. Troopers found a 22-month-old child locked in a cage so small that the toddler couldn’t stand up inside.

They also found a 1-year-old boy in a playpen, and a 1-day-old girl on the floor in a baby seat. No one else was home. Troopers arrested Kutz when he returned home. “I think something like this is so egregious that most people … would know to not put a kid in the cage regardless of what you think the good reason was.

There is no good reason. There isn’t any reason to put a child in a cage,” said Sgt. Fred Krute, Pennsylvania State Police. According to investigators, Kutz’s girlfriend delivered the baby girl at home on Tuesday and went to the hospital Wednesday morning after suffering complications. Hospital staff notified state police about the toddlers and newborn at home alone and that’s when troopers made the alarming discovery. Kutz told police the reason his children were home alone, was because he wanted to go visit his girlfriend in the hospital.

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  • That a boy keep breeding like an animal………..can you neuter him or spay her. They are having a child every year. Very sad story!

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