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New York Police Swear in 474 New Recruits for Academy

New York Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill presided over a hiring ceremony Thursday for 474 new police recruits who will now begin six months of Police Academy training. The new hires were sworn-in during a ceremony at the NYPD Police Academy in College Point, Queens.

“Today you’re being given an opportunity one that comes around once in a lifetime,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill. “You’ve been offered a chance to join the greatest police department in the world.”

“Everything you achieve over the next six months you will have to earn. And it won’t be easy. The academic, physical, and tactical training standards here are the most rigorous in the nation.”

During their time in the Academy the recruits will go out for field training where they will learn about the neighborhood policing. They will see firsthand how officers are not running from one 9-1-1 call to the next with very little time to really get to know the neighborhoods they will patrol. They will work within this new crime-fighting structure that affords them the time and resources to make meaningful connections with people in all neighborhoods.

More than 50 of the recruits in this class previously served as New York City traffic enforcement agents, school safety agents or in other civilian roles, including police cadets who were promoted and recognized with certificates after the swearing-in ceremony. As police cadets they were assigned to various commands citywide in clerical roles while they attended college.

Of the new hires, more than 46% have earned a bachelors degree and 33 of the recruits have previous U.S. Military service. Ninety-five of those sworn in were born outside of the United States and 181 of the recruits speak a foreign language.

The new hires come from around the globe, with 24% born outside the United States from 36 different countries and speaking 23 different languages.

Languages Spoken:
Bangla, Hindi
Farsi Dari
Hindi, Punjabi
Pashto, Urdu and Punjabi
Punjabi/ Hindi
Sign Language
Tibetan, Hindi, Nepali
Ukrainian, Russian
Urdu, Punjabi

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