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Alleged Burglar Returns to Victim’s Home Right After He is Released from Jail

A San Francisco man says he has been victimized by a burglar twice, and now, he says he is scared for his life.

Snapchat video shot by Pavan Gupta, who came home Friday to a man inside his house, shows a man who had no plans on leaving his house.

“I try to flag him down, and he pulls a bottle of jägermeister to his face and starts screaming into the window,” Gupta said.

Gupta then called the police.

There was a standoff that lasted several hours with the man eventually walking from the balcony to Gupta’s room.

“He’s now in my bedroom, and apparently, he decided it was time to completely strip down, and he starts dancing around in a window, but they decide the better approach is to wait for hours and hours and hours for Nick to go to sleep, in my bed completely naked, which is absolute insanity, right?” Gupta said.

Officers would eventually go in and make the arrest of 22-year-old Nicholas Davis, of San Francisco.

Fast forward to 3 a.m. Wednesday morning when Davis showed back up after being released from jail.

Gupta heard a loud banging at the door.

Davis eventually left, but Pavan is outraged that he was allowed out of jail.

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