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Video Released of Cincinnati Police Officer Shot in Shootout Caught on Camera

The man accused of shooting a Cincinnati police officer is locked up on $500,000 bond. Damion McRae faces attempted murder and gun charges.

McRae, who was shot five times when Officer Ken Grubbs and his partner returned fire, appeared in court with a neckbrace and a bandaged hand. The officers had been called to an apartment building in Walnut Hills on March 12 for a domestic violence call. McRae’s girlfriend had called 911 to say he had assaulted her.

The assistant prosecutor said that after his arrest, McRae had “amnesia” and didn’t remember what had happened. He could only confirm his girlfriend lived at that apartment on Gilbert.

Assistant prosecutor David Wood asked the judge to set a high bond. “Anyone that would approach a police officer, who you know is armed and who you know is trained on how to use a deadly weapon, anybody that would approach a police officer and fire a shot at that officer is a grave threat to the rest of the community that isn’t as well armed and isn’t as well trained.”

The judge set the bond at $250,000 on each charge. She noted that he was also held on probation violations.

That wasn’t enough for FOP President Dan Hils. “I know procedurally, apparently he can’t go anywhere because of these holders on him but I’d like to see the justice system make a statement from the very beginning of this and set the bond as high possibly could be. That’s not what happened.”

Hils said that Officer Grubbs is doing as well as can be expected. He said his partner Officer William Keuper is still hurting because he wished he could have done more.

Hils said he and his fellow officers will follow this case through the courts. “Somebody who sits and waits and tries to murder a police officer should never see the light of day ever again. He should go to jail for the rest of his life. To me, that’s a no-brainer.”

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