San Francisco Bay Area Sex Crime

Rajeev Sanhi of Cupertino Arrested he is Allegedly Believed to Have at Least a Total of 19 Female Juvenile Victims

Sheriff’s Office Sexual Assault Investigation Unit Arrests Suspect Accused of Stalking 19 Underage Girls

Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office Sexual Assault Investigation Unit, SAFE Task Force, and the Los Altos Police Department arrested 35 year-old Rajeev Sanhi of Cupertino for the stalking and “annoying” of 4 underage girls today. The investigation into Sanhi is ongoing as he is believed to have at least a total of 19 female juvenile victims. 

The investigation was initiated following a report documented by the Sheriff’s Office West Valley Patrol in which a 14 year-old female claimed she was repeatedly approached by a male adult, later identified as Sanhi, on multiple occasions offering her gifts of money, show tickets, and other material items.

The minor reported Sanhi also followed her home over a dozen times. Although confronted about his behavior, by a family member, Sanhi continued to follow and harass the female juvenile. Sheriff’s Office detectives initiated an investigation and learned that Sanhi had numerous prior encounters with law enforcement documenting similar circumstances.

 In late February, Sanhi was positively identified as having participated in similar type activities in the cities of Saratoga, Los Altos, San Jose, Los Gatos & the Los Angeles area. On March 8, 2017, the Sheriff’s Office Sexual Assault Investigation Unit, SAFE Task Force, and a Los Altos Police Department detective served a search warrant at Sanhi’s residence. At Sanhi’s residence we recovered several different collages of the underage victims, gifts for the victims and even a personalized license plate for a victim.

Detectives interviewed Sanhi who was then arrested for the listed charges.  At least 19 minors have been identified as victims of Sanhi occurring over the course of several years. Sanhi has been connected to several South Bay churches where he attempted to volunteer as a youth mentor or pastor.

Sheriff detectives learned that Sanhi was told he is unwelcome at some churches due to his concerning behavior around jubilance females. In addition, Sanhi has applied to be a school teacher and nanny, “in home child care provider for private individuals.

” We have no information that Sanhi was ever hired as a school teacher.  Sanhi often gave a business card, or calling card, to his victims. The card referenced his website, Sanhi is currently housed at the Santa Clara County Main Jail with a bail to be determined by a magistrate.  Based on our investigation, Sherrif’s detectives believe there are still several unidentifed victims in Santa Clara County. If you have any information about Sanhi or this investigation, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau at (408) 808-4500. 

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