East Coast Fugitives

Suspect Robbed the Bartender at JD’s Saloon on 35th Avenue in Queens New York ID Needed

The search continues for a man who police said robbed a bartender at gunpoint in Queens. It happened around 3 a.m. back on Feb. 27 at JD’s Saloon on 35th Avenue near 209th Street. Police say the suspect is seen on surveillance video walking in and taking a seat at the bar. Moments later, the suspect is seen taking out a handgun and beckoning the bartender as police say he demanded cash.

“He pulls out on me and says ‘lemme get what you have in the stash box and in the register,’” bartender Marlon Gordon said. “So I walked to the register, gave him whatever was in the register and gave him whatever I had in the safe.” Authorities said the man then fled with $700 in cash.

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