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Family Recording a Wild Police Pursuit in Houston Found Themselves in the Middle of it

A family recording a wild police pursuit in Houston suddenly found themselves in the middle of the adrenaline-pumping drama when one suspect tried to take their car, police said. The two bank robbery suspects were taken into custody in north Houston Friday morning after a lengthy chase, according to KIAH.

Houston police said the armed men stormed into Amegy Bank in the 5300 block of Bellaire and robbed it around 10:45 a.m. A woman hiding under a desk called 911, and Bellaire police headed to the scene. The suspects fled the scene in a black Mercedes, while helicopters and police tracked their movement.

Aerial views show, at one point, the suspects patiently waiting in traffic while a helicopter hovered above. No squad cars were immediately surrounding them at that time. The suspects got into high gear after that, weaving in and out of traffic, until their smoking vehicle came to a stop.

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