Mexican Drug War

Mexican Marine Helicopter Gunship in Shootout with Drug Cartel Caught on Camera

The 2 videos show a shootout between a Mexican Marine helicopter gunship and cartel gunmen in the city Tepic, Mexico. The helicopter gunship is firing a “Minigun type” machine gun to provide suppression fire in support of ground forces trying make arrests.

Authorities report the use of the helicopter gunship in an urban area and the operation was a success. No innocent civilians were injured or killed.

Government forces have previously used helicopter gunships only in rural areas.

An alleged leader of the Beltran Leyva drug cartel and 11 accomplices were killed in clashes with Mexican marines who poured gunfire into a house from the helicopter-mounted machine gun.

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  • Good job Marines! I salute your bravery and give my condolences for all your fellow Marines that have died in service to their country.

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