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Teens Arrested for Alleged Cyberbullying of Cancer Victim

Thousands of people in our community and even beyond our community are outraged at a viral post on social media showing a Laredo teen being bullied for having cancer.

The district where these students attend school has taken action.

The alleged authors of that post have been arrested and are experiencing public backlash.

But the victim doesn’t wish them any harm.

United I.S.D. says the three students involved in this incident attend the United High School ninth grade campus.

Although some of this happened off campus, the district has taken action to keep it from continuing to happen at school.

“We go to the hospital, I want to say, every month now for my treatments and it’s really hard for us”, said Nicole Pfister.

Fourteen-year-old Nicole Pfister has been battling leukemia at home, but now she’s facing a different battle at school.

“It started since after march. He just started attacking me verbally”, said Pfister.

Pfister says her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend have been bullying her for a while but on Wednesday, those attacks went viral.

“That’s when I saw these two horrific Instagram posts about my child. So, as soon as I saw them I was furious”, said Nicole’s mom Claire.

Nicole’s mom, Claire, saw these pictures.

The teens liked each others pictures and commented on Nicole’s cancer, even going as far as encouraging suicide.

“We were just all really mad. I was really depressed. I started crying because it’s something I can’t control. I mean, it’s just something that really made me feel bad about yourself”, said Pfister.

Nicole’s mom reported the incident to the school district.

“There could be disciplinary consequences with regards to administrative action that would be taken, we have DAEP placement, we also have JJAEP placement if it’s warranted”, said Gloria Rendon of U.I.S.D.

An investigation is ongoing, but the teens accused of authoring the posts have been arrested and are detained at the county jail, on charges of public harassment.

Their parents remorseful for their children’s actions.

“We want to sit down, fully apologize, and try to find full resolution”, said Arturo Limon.

“Once more, I want to ask for forgiveness from everyone, the parents of Nicole, Nicole personally”, said the mother of the boy, Rosa.

But word has spread rapidly and the teens are receiving threats online, some threatening the teen boy’s life.

“I don’t think it’s fair that for a mistake, a stupidity, him posting a picture and a comment, that people judge him without knowing him, that they threaten to kill him”, said the mother of the boy, Rosa.

Nicole agrees.

“I just feel like no one should be going after them. It was a simple mistake. And everybody makes mistakes, and everybody deserves a second chance”, said Pfister.

As for her, she says she draws strength from her trials for moments like these.

“I went through this whole cancer thing. I’ve been through the worst. So, I’m ready for anything that comes past”, said Pfister.

The school has offered Nicole counseling to help her through this time.

And the school has helped in another way on Thursday, many students organized an unofficial way to show their support.

Lots of them could be seen wearing orange to show Nicole she has friends she can count that.

That message has reached Nicole’s ears and heart.

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