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Robert Bourne and David Grigsby Arrested When A Kentucky 911 Dispatcher Allegedly Over Heard Them Planning a Robbery

A Kentucky 911 dispatcher in the city of Danville received a 911 call, but the other end was nearly silent. But instead of hanging up, she decided to keep listening to ensure it wasn’t a desperate attempt by someone praying she would. The dispatcher was eventually able to understand a few words in a conversation between two men. She heard things such as “What if I went in there with a gun and what if we robbed the place?” and “What if they know it’s us?

We go there all the time.” She then heard something about wearing a ski mask, and then, at one point, heard Danville Police Chief Tony Gray’s name mentioned. She was quickly realizing it was a criminal plot unfolding. The problem was that they never referred to a target by name, or gave any indications as to where they were having this conversation. The dispatcher got in touch with Chief Gray, who’d just finished eating at Brothers’ BBQ and Brewing Co., one of his favorite eating spots in the town of 16,000.

He instructed the dispatcher to try and triangulate the caller’s location. The call continued. At least five cops started scouring the area looking for “signs of an impending crime.” Chief Gray moved behind the restaurant to stay on the phone without bringing attention to himself. It turned out the call was coming from about 30 feet from his very location. Officers located two men, identified as Robert Bourne and David Grigsby, sitting in a car.

A ski mask was found in one of the men’s pocket. Both of the men were extremely drunk and and one of them, still clueless at the time, was continuing his butt’s conversation with dispatch. It even turned out that Chief Gray recognized one of the suspects from one of his high school classes. Police charged them with public intoxication instead of attempted robbery or worse because they didn’t seem to have the tools or wherewithal to carry out a crime. Mr. Grigsby also was charged with possession of an open alcohol container in a vehicle, as well as disorderly conduct.

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