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5-Year-Old Girl Left Outside in Freezing Cold Overnight by Father Caught on Camera

A man could face charges after he left his five-year-old daughter on a campus with just a blanket at 5am.

The father is believed to have dumped the girl on the grounds of Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College in Utah and walked away.

The little girl, who was left in freezing temperatures alone, was allegedly told to ‘shut up and lay down and go to sleep’.

Her father never returned.

It was only when a security guard who was passing by saw the girl two hours later that she was rescued.

The girl’s mother says her daughter had been staying with her ex-husband and his family at the time of the incident.
She told Fox 13 News: ‘She said she got scared, she was yelling, “Daddy!” but no one was there.

‘She said she just kind of had her blanket and waited until daylight.’

When the girl spotted the security guard, she ran towards him crying but fell and grazed her knee on the way.
Fred Frazier, who manages the security for the college, said: ‘It was heartbreaking for (the security guard).

‘To see a little girl running alone by herself . That’s when he got very concerned, and she was shivering and cold.’
Police are now speaking to the father, who could face child abandonment or abuse charges.

Lt. Tim Scott, from Ogden Police Department, said: ‘We don’t know really what purpose he’d take the child, if there was a drug-induced psychosis.’

The girl’s mother said she had previously tried to get a protective order against her ex but this was not granted.

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