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Parker Police Department Releases Body Cam Footage of Officer Shooting Suspect

PARKER, Colorado. The Parker Police Department has released the body-camera footage of Officer Ronnie Dorrell, who shot a gunman Randall Rodick Back in Sept.

The footage shows Dorrell running toward the scene of the initial confrontation between Rodick and police, just after responders learn that Detective Dan Brite had been shot and critically wounded by Rodick.


Officer Ronnie Dorrell

Civilians picking up children from Sierra Middle School can be seen fleeing the scene past Dorrell.

Dorrell and another officer then commandeer another officer’s car to confront Rodick where his recreational vehicle had come to a stop after plowing through a nearby field.

As he arrives on the scene, Dorrell is heard asking a civilian, “Where’s he at? Where’s he at?” then directing the person to safety – “Move. Move.” Shots from Rodick’s AK-47 rifle can be heard as he fires two rounds toward nearby Parker Adventist Hospital.

Dorrell then positions himself behind the door of the civilian’s SUV and aims his AR-15 rifle at Rodick in the RV.

Dorrell’s body jerks and audible gunfire can be heard as he fires one shot that strikes Rodick in the head.

The video continues to show Dorrell and a second officer approach the RV and place Rodick in handcuffs before calling for medical assistance. Rodick’s face and injuries are blurred out of the video. It wasn’t clear if Rodick was dead at that point.

Dorrell is then led away from the scene and isolated from other officers for debriefing as the investigation into the shooting begins.

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