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  • She was identified and dealt with almost 2 years ago.We have spent hours scrolling through 2 years worth of post so we can figure out why a 2 year old post that had already been investigated is circulating again. Facebook says we can not delete or edit this post because someone has promoted it. At this point it has been highjacked and makes no sense to us why this has happen. If you have or use Facebook which you most likely you do if you are reading this you know Facebook is not an exact science and has lots of glitches.Stay safe.

    This was posted in comment section which is all the access it grants us like everyone else. It will prob be lost in all the other comments because we can not edit into the post that is not our fault. We did post it 2 years ago and it needed to be at the time. This is no different then someone recirculating an old news paper article once it has been released it is out there. 99% of people get it, also dont forget what ever you post is also out there for ever for all you know even if you erase it people copy and past it. We cant control Facebook anymore then the Government could they make their own rules and make it impossible to talk to anyone. You can not just pick up a phone or call tech support it is designed that way so they do not have to deal with people because it interrupts their day to day operations of being a business. Here is what we posted in comment section. I have been answering emails for over 24 hours both good and bad and some just plain jerks.

  • there’s a picture on facebook what the lady holding a gun to a baby’s head and I don’t know how to delete it or who I need to tell about that because that is just so disgusting then it’s not funny so we need to do something about it and I know you guys will

  • Just want to be aware of surroundings want to know if there are any fugitives in my area and around my neighborhood

  • Love this website ..just wish it had people/subjects in the Indiana area..Brookville IN 47012. -and Connersville IN. 47331 and surrounding areas-( Wayne Co.47374) (Franklin Co.47012) (Fayette Co.47331) Thank You-& God Bless.

  • Would like to video and pictures and alerts of local crimes in the Santa Clara County Area. Just keeping and being made of aware of my surroundings. Trying to stay safe and help prevent crime.

  • Want to see people wanted.have small children they my be right near your area and you don’t even know.

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