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4 Men Arrested for Up to 40 Alleged Robberies Targeting South-Asian Women in South Bay Area


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The San Jose Police Department has arrested four suspects, Tyler Richard, Rudolf Green, Jerrell Galloway and Lawrence Carter on multiple counts of alleged robbery.

Detectives are continuing the investigation to identify additional suspects.

Over the last year, the Bay-Area has seen a dramatic increase in Chain-Snatch robberies. The suspects targeted women of all ages, often of South-Asian descent. The victims were conducting everyday activities such as shopping or taking walks when a male would approach and rip gold jewelry from their necks.

Some were purportedly stalked prior to the encounter.

In cases where victims fought back, the assailants punched them or threatened them with a gun. The attackers would typically then get into a waiting vehicle to escape.

A firearm was brandished in several of the incidents. After the robbery, the suspect would flee in a waiting vehicle. (story continued below video)

Watch Video of Robbery Below

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These robberies not only caused the victims shock and lingering fear due to the violent attack; but the victims oftentimes lost property of significant cultural, religious, and personal value. The manner in which this jewelry was later disposed of created an inability to ever recover the property and reunite it with the victim.

San Jose Police Robbery Detectives partnered with the Sunnyvale DPS, Santa Clara Police Department, and the Milpitas Police Department who were experiencing robberies with similar methods of operation. Detectives conducted an exhaustive investigation and learned the suspects oftentimes stalked the victim before the attack. With the cooperation of witnesses and examination videos from businesses, Detectives identified the four suspects listed above as taking part.

Several search warrants were executed which garnered evidence of these suspects being responsible for numerous robberies. However; the Robbery Unit knows there are other robberies that have occurred but have gone unreported. We are seeking the public’s help in locating victims. In addition, we are looking for the owner of this particular piece of jewelry. We believe it was stolen in East San Jose sometime in late November.

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  • In this video they clearly have not conducted a proper investigation…unless the public simply is not aware but its obvious that all they would have to do is get dna along with finger prints of the shopping cart the suspect was pushing just before the crime was committed. Also, it appears the suspect came out of the store, his face should be clearer on store video to show exactly or more clearly who did this… oddly enough, the white lady driving the silver car on the video weirdly goes into the store and then leaves the asian lady she is caring for to exit and go towards the danger…how did she know to go out of the store and what in the hell was she going to do?

  • Well the only thing that strikes me as rather confusing…is….WHY WOULD THEY GO THROUGH THE HASSLE OF PUNCHING THE VICTIMS AT ALL IF THEY AT TIMES BRANDISHED A FIREARM? Meaning, if they own a firearm why ever use fists. Makes no sence because thats rather risky to do if you own a gun and your committing many robberies you would simply use a gun everytime..ALSO KIND OF ODD …is that your now looking for ALL victims of robberies across a wide range of different cities but your compromising the victims picking out the correct suspects by posting there pics on the web for all victims to see prior to them actually getting to pick for themselves. Another things thats sounds rather odd is IF ANY OF THESE VICTIMS WERE BEING STALKED I WOULD NEED A PRIOR POLICE REPORT OF STALKING WITH THESE SPECIFIC SUSPECTS BEING IDENTIFIED IN THE STALKING INVESTIGATION PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL ROBBERY BECAUSE YOUR GOING TO CALL THE POLICE IF SOME UNKNOWN MALES ARE STALKING YOU …ID BE FRIGHTENED AND IMMEDIATELY MAKE A STALKING REPORT. AND FOR THE SON OF THE ROBBERY VICTIM THAT made a comment….how the hell do you in FACT know with 100% certainty that these were the same suspects that robbed your family member? Tell
    me how you concluded this is fafactually them same assailants?

  • Media should be taking account of this.. When such monsters are shot, there will be huge public outcry.. But then no one cares when these animals attack old women.. My mom was attacked by one of them and it was brutal, her elbow was fractured and had to go through major surgery.. Her arm could never recover.

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