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Young Men Allegedly Doing a “Loud Challenge” Walk Through a Walmart



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A new phenomenon gaining popularity among urban youth is being called the “Loud Challenge”. It manifests itself as a group of young men getting together and trying to shock and intimidate the public, including families with children.

In this video you will see a group of young men walking through a Walmart allegedly smoking marijuana and trying to get the attention of employees and management.

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  • Is face book racial ? Yes they are by promoting and encouraging this kind of trash on public display .If these &^%$#^%s didn’t get special attention they couldn’t walk all over rules and laws like they were special . Was this promoted by Al Not so Sharpton ? looks like it .

  • Oooh-weeeee! Dem Boyz is hard as Helll walk-in through Walmart smoken ! I wish I could be as hard as them.#ducks#lame(as)%uck

  • Y make such a big deal weeds almost legal and i honestly rather people smoke tree than any of the tweeker shit n drug shit r u trying to say u rather a meth head or heriuon addict smoke in a store or a coke head do lines like fuck law off of us stoners no one dies from weed its a proven fact it helps get ur shit straight before u take actions i should arrest all u fake ass pussy cops that cant even do anything but be racist all u should get thrown in prison with ur fucked up heads i mean damn should we go around and shoot the 5-0 or arrest them for minor shit

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