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When should an officer use deadly force when confronting a combative suspect


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In this video experts demonstrate how fast a suspect can close the distance between an officer their plan to attack. Often people ask, why the officer shot the suspect ; not under standing even if the suspect has no weapon in their hand if they get a hold of the officer they have the potential of all of the officers weapons. Officers have been knocked out and have lost their guns in fights and shot with their own gun.

Why not deploy the taser or baton ? that is an easy question because the failure rate with these less lethal weapons are high and the officer wants to live. Officers are trained to win the fight for themselves and the future safety of the citizens against the suspect. Officers are sometimes also trained if there are a few officers on the scene then perhaps if it is safe, one can deploy the less lethal weapon as long as they are covered by other officers with their guns out, in case it fails and the suspect is still a threat to the officer or citizens.

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