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Officer from Celina Tx, fights with a suspect and it’s all caught on dash-cam and body cam



Officer from Celina Tx, was making an arrest when the suspect punches at the officer to get away. The officer tackles the suspect as he continues to try and get away. You can watch this whole incident from the Dash-camera and then from a body camera he is wearing. If this was officer was judged by the community as often as they are only by the part where the suspect losses the fight, there could possibly be riots. Lesson learned the video may not always tell the rest of the story.

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  • No one will have a problem with it because the suspect is white, now if it was a black man then the whole world would know about it!

  • If most of the people had not seen all angles, they would be condemning the officer. I keep saying, people are quick to jump to conclusions without all the facts. They tend to believe any and everything they see from private phones, media social networking and the news. Come on peeps, sensationalism sells. No I am not an officer but I like to think and know all the facts before I judge. yes they are bad officer but the good out number them. Support your local police, someday you may need them.

  • I am seeing nothing wrong on the officers part. Perfect restraint was used by the officer and he should be thanked for doing such a good job! The young man is safely in custody with probably nothing more than a scraped knee when he went down on the pavement after trying to flee. Thank you Officer form Celina, TX for being an example of a good take down.

  • yes the officer did his job and he did it the right way the
    fugitive was fight and resisting an arrest

  • This Officer did an amazing job at keeping both professional and calm while executing his duty. Calmly talking to someone who had just assaulted him and explaining what he was going to do through every step. Well done! He is truly an asset to his department,community and profession.

  • If this was officer was judged by the community as often as they are only by the part where the suspect losses the fight, there could possibly be riots.

    Doesn’t anyone ever proofread anything anymore?

  • I think everything he did was legit. He was not doing anything unnecessary he was not hitting or gouging his baton or anything like that

  • This is not the police violence that people are upset about. In this car the officer actedashe should have. The police violence involves more than one officer beating a (suspect) even after he gives up and is on the ground trying to defend himself from being killed, which is what any body would do

  • Honestly after viewing both views I see NOTHING AT ALL with the way in which the police officer handled himself. Seeing the video from the prospective of the dash cam first {w/out even knowing yet until watching the 2nd video that he had just been assaulted by the suspect} I felt he was well restrained, spoke clearly but firmly & still w/a respectful tone in his voice and mannerisms in explaining what he was going to do step by step… I say THIS OFFICER SHOULD BE TEACHING CLASSES ON HOW TO BE A TRUE OFFICER OUT IN THE FIELD!!!! He is the EXAMPLE by FAR! COMMENDABLE!!!

  • the officer had the right to grab him before he ran off, and the officer stayed very calm and offered to help the suspect to roll over and the cuffs were going on. the officer did nothing wrong from the cams. Both of them have no negative for the officer, it has some bad news for the suspect who try to run and did resist arrest!!!!! God bless:)

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