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Shocking Baby Yoga Video Still Circulating the Internet



American medical professionals want to remind the public that the Baby Yoga exercises being shown on this video is not recommended and is extremely dangerous and life threatening to infants and small children. Doctors say babies bodies are not fully developed and can be killed by brain damage like that caused from “Shaking Baby Syndrome”. The baby in the video is only 2 weeks old.

The video first surfaced on the internet several years ago and caused outrage from many parents and doctors but it also received praise by the Russian practitioner Lena Fokina and her supporters.


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  • Wow, wtf is wrong with people? You don’t sling a baby around like that? It’s clearly crying, that should tell you something, unless you’re to stupid to know? Why do people do such stupid things? It’s a baby, it helpless. It can’t defend itself. What happened if that was done to her? Would she like it? She could break the poor things arms, legs and or neck! She needs to be in jail!

  • R u guys nuts those babies dont need Yoga. They need love and support. Not be tossed around like a rag doll

  • Anyone that do a kid like this needs to be shoot
    a baby that small is very delicate when it come
    down to holding them a babies arm can be easily
    broken why would you do something that awful
    to a child that’s not calming to them if you watched
    the video you could hear the poor babies crying
    because they were being hurt omg

  • If the baby is cring they don’t like. How can that not be child abuse. The poor baby is balln and obviously scard. Her little nuckles are white for cring out loud. What happend to cuddling your baby? So angree right now.

  • The baby was crying!!!!!! That is definitely child abuse! There are so many things that could happen to that poor little baby! That made me want to go hug my 4 month old. Definitely does not sound like that poor child was enjoying being slung around like a rag! That is horrible!

  • At that age the babies tendons ligaments and muscles aren’t completely attached even if the baby could do yoga it wouldn’t benefit from it anyway that was torture

  • As the mother of 2 beautiful children, this video is outrageously disgusting. I can’t believe this is actually considered “yoga”. It’s disturbing to see that there are women who believe doing this can help their children. No it doesn’t. Your baby is scared and she is letting you know by CRYING! What is wrong with you?

  • Who does it benifit. The babys crying and you keep on doing that. Whats the matter with you? I would never do that to any of of my beautiful children.

  • Are you out of your minds? What about how you could pull limbs out of sockets/inexperience can lead to dropping the baby and God knows WHAT that could cause….AND where’s your heart??? THAT BABY WAS SCARED! Nutjobs

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