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Man Gets Life in Prison for Having Sex with an Infant He Bought

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Christopher M. Bour, 40, pleaded guilty in January, without a plea agreement, to paying Natisha Hillard a total of $500 to have sex with a 4-month-old infant girl, an arrangement that lasted until the child was 18 months old, the Post-Tribune is reporting.

Bour pleaded guilty to buying a child for sex, possessing child pornography and three counts of producing child pornography.

Hillard, whom Bour met in 2011 through a dating service, also pleaded guilty in the case and is awaiting sentencing.

Hillard has admitted to being in the room with Bour and the baby on all but the last meeting, when he paid her extra to be alone with the baby.

He also took sexual images of the child’s older sister, who was about 3 years old at the time, and had child pornography images of other children that he did not produce, according to the government.

The judge said Bour showed no remorse for his crime and bragged about having sex with babies in text conversations with an acquaintance.

Bour’s attorney, Matthew Soliday, sought to have his client receive the mandatory minimum of 30 years in prison, arguing that Bour had never been arrested previously and had given information to police to help them identify Hillard, who could be seen in some of the videos.

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  • What kind of so called justice system do we have that low level drug dealers (marijuana) get more time than these sick individuals? Fact is statistics show pedophiles do not get better..just WORSE. They ruin lives! Kill them all. And that disgusting evil woman needs to be excuted to. SMH..excuse me, I need to throw up now…

  • Ima say this again. We just need to bring back “Off With Their Heads” beheading. Be done with these p.o.s and all others who commit crimes of harming children.

  • The government should fine a island away from the world they should take the child molester andput them on it and let them all b together,then take the killer and do the same ans so on and this thing what ever it is should fet the death

  • I think the woman deserves more, women are the protective ones in our society and should look after children and keep them safe. It doesn’t say who the children belong to. If they are not hers then she should be put in a room with the parents, if they are her children she should be executed. I don’t really believe in the death penalty but would make an exception in her case. As for him let your policemen try their tasers out on his genitals until he dies

  • I think anyone that’s pitiful enought to enteract with aa child needs to be put to death !fk feeding and clothing this monster cash his as? Out.straight to helland as for the mother with her miserable looking ass she should bust hell open first!!!!! I’m crying!!!! Pray for those baby’s!!!!


  • The poor child , I hope both party’s get what they deserve… Shame on the mother !

  • it should be the same punishment but with a twist for each. life in prison with short visits to the gas chamber time to time to slowly make them sick and kill them. that is what they should do to everyone like that. slowly and deliberately kill them. but its “against the constitution” 🙁

  • 55 years… not good enough. he deserves to be executed. its too bad our “justice” system does not deliver justice. all because a bunch of greedy neo conservative fucks make the rules, a bunch of corrupt official carry them out, and a bunch of liberatarian pussies oppose them in the first place. wake up people. this is why we need just punishment. im not saying turture him (though i wouldn,t oppose it either), very but at the very least have him shot by a fireing squad. and before anyone says thats “inhumane”, death penalty is inhumane in the first place. no matter how its done. but what he did is far more inhumane.


  • as long as our government allows these bastards to get a slap on the wrist they will continue to do it.
    They should get mandatory DP.If you kill a child or abuse
    them in this manor the culprit should get death straight many get by with this they know they are not going to die just live off the state.


  • Ok this sick animal needs his penisehoped off sex change him into a woman then thrown in prison with all the rapist to serve out his time. that fat pig mother should have her organs cut out no more kids for her and to do same amount time as him stupid ass pig.nasty omg.

  • I’m disgusted and disappointed in our system who hands our children over to the hands of monsters like this man. What about his inhuman and monstrous rein over these poor children justifies giving him rights? Maybe we should first consider the life altering terror the children suffer under the hands of animals like this man before we think about his rights. Give him to the general population in prison and let him defend himself instead of protecting him.They do these unspeakable acts to our children because they can,they laugh at our justice system while preying on innocent children because our laws protect them more than their victims. Send that lady who sold those kids behind bars and forget her name too! When will we learn to protect our kids?

  • How could someone be so cruel….He should be castrated and fed his own genitals for the damage he has caused and electrocuted afterwards for the severity of mental sickness to have sex with babies….shame on such a monster

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