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The Criminal That Inspired the 3-Strikes Law is Re-Arrested 106 Days After Release From Prison

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Douglas Walker was one of two career criminals involved in the 1992 murder of Kimber Reynolds. Two years later, her father drove the movement to pass California’s Three Strikes law.

But the harshest component of the law has never been applied to Walker. By the time Douglas Walker got released from prison and returned to Fresno last November, his career path was obvious to many. Twelve criminal convictions kept him in jail or prison for most of the last three decades.

The Three Strikes law was enacted after 18-year-old Kimber Reynolds was robbed and killed. Police killed the actual gunman. His accomplice was Douglas Walker, who got a plea deal in the case. By the time he got out, the law he inspired had been implemented, but when he committed a new felony, a judge chose not to apply Three Strikes.

He has now been arrested again for an alleged violent crime against a female companion.

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