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Man Gets 26 Months in Jail for Stabbing to Death Police K9 “Quanto”-Watch Video Here



Paul Joseph Vukmanich has been sentenced to 26 months in prison and also been banned from owning a pet for 25 years for stabbing to death Edmonton Police K9 “Quanto”.

Vukmanich was high on drugs and fleeing from police when he repeatedly stabbed the dog named Quanto.

Officer Matt Williamson had set the German shepherd loose after Vukmanich was caught driving a car with stolen plates and ran away on foot.

Officer Williamson carried his bleeding dog to an emergency veterinarian but Quanto couldn’t be saved.

Kim Elmslie of the Canadian Federation of Humane Socities said in a statement that Vukmanich deserved a longer sentence, adding the federation is disappointed there was no restitution order issued.

The federation said the case draws attention “to the woefully outdated and inadequate animal cruelty provisions that currently exist within the Criminal Code,” noting the laws have remained “largely unchanged since they were enacted in 1892 by Queen Victoria.”

Quanto was the fifth Edmonton police dog to die in the line of duty.

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  • I am so sorry about Quanto. And 26 months is no where near enough time. Should have been 26 years.

  • RIP Quanto!!! You did your job well and thx for your service.Sorry to Officer Matt Williamson for your loss,Quanto was not only your partner but a part of your family!!!! Quanto will never be forgotten.I’m sorry that this person who killed Quanto didn’t get a longer sentence.Maybe the laws there can change and make it harsher on people who kill police dogs.

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