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Two Men Are Shot by Off-Duty Houston Police Officer When They Allegedly Try to Rob Him and His Girlfriend

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Three suspects are in custody after two were shot while trying to rob an off-duty police officer and his girlfriend early Sunday in west Houston, police said.

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It happened just after midnight. Police say off-duty officer J. Johnson was taking his girlfriend to the movies. They were walking near the intersection of Weslayan and Portsmouth when Ruben Anthony Zelaya, 17, Macedonio Rivera, 18, and Luis Angel Aquino, 17, pulled up in a silver sedan. Police say Johnson, who was wearing plainclothes at the time, thought they were stopping to ask for directions.

“Instead the front passenger (Zelaya) produced a pistol, pointed it at the couple and demanded their belongings,” said HPD spokesman Kese Smith. “At that point Officer Johnson, fearing for his girlfriend’s safety as well as his own, drew his duty weapon firing more than once hitting the vehicle.”

The sedan sped off, and police recovered a handgun a short distance away.
“Shortly after the incident, the sedan arrived at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, where three individuals went inside, two of them seeking treatment for gunshot wounds,” Smith said.

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