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5 Day Old Infant Kayden Powell Kidnapped from His Bed, Found Alive in a Tote Box in Freezing Temperatures

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A missing 5 day old newborn from southern Wisconsin was found alive and in good condition Friday at a gas station in eastern Iowa. The frantic search involved scores of police officers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.

Town of Beloit, Wisconsin Police Chief Steven Kopp said Kayden Powell, who’s nearly a week old, was discovered about 10:15 a.m. Friday by the police chief in West Branch, Iowa. He and other officers had been checking areas along Interstate 80 for the child.

Police went looking through dumpsters and interviewing neighbors as part of a massive search for a newborn

The chief heard the newborn crying and discovered the child swaddled in blankets inside a tote bag outside a gas station.

An aunt Kristen Smith was arrested nearby in possession of a prosthetic pregnancy stomach and baby clothes. Federal prosecutors have now charged her with kidnapping.

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