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Pennsylvania State Trooper Timothy Strohmeyer Honored for Heroism During Shootout Caught on Tape

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Suspect Jeffrey Lee Michael, an unemployed former truck driver, walked into a church last December and fatally shot a woman decorating the building, then walked out and killed two more people before fleeing in his truck. Pennsylvania State Troopers responded to the scene and spotted Michael’s truck.

The troopers pursued him until Trooper Kevin Campbell, crashed head-on into Michael to stop him. Michael exited his truck with a 357 magnum gun and was trying to kill Trooper Campbell when Trooper Strohmeyer crashed his car into the truck to distract Michaels.

Michaels then turned on Trooper Strohmeyer firing his gun at him at point blank range striking him in the chest and wrist. Michaels was killed in the shootout.

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