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Girl holds gun to baby while in her arms Who is she ?

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(This is an outrage and we are asking Viewers if you know this girl please contact your local police department and insist on a welfare check of this baby. This person needs to be talked to.)

This photo has been removed for sevral reason one of which we have been informed that it has been dealt with. Some people felt the photo was fake and gave their reasons why and we value your opinion. Some people gave as much compelling reasons why it was not fake and we value your opinion. Some of you thanked us for trying to solve a possible crime and welfare check the safety of a child, which if you have any human redeemable value you would agree we all should do what we can. Some of you reduced yourself to immature name calling which was not only directed at us but other people trying to do the right thing and you know who you are and SHAME on you. The bottom line the people that run this page and web site have spent most of their lives serving the public and doing what they can to help keep you and your family safe and informed. It is a passion if you visit our site and learn something about us you will understand this was not a publicity stunt, we have dedicated our time to bringing fugitives to justice. For those of you that have joined in the fight to help keep your family and friends safe and informed we thank you. For those of you that feel so insignificant in your own lives that all you know how to do is criticize we will pray for you.

Thank you Staff of Fugitive Watch

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  • I’m sorry but Idc if this pic is photoshopped or not. This is not right and anyone that thinks its OK needs to be in jail right next to this bitch. Believe me I will be in contact with CYF and the police cause she does not deserve to be a mother. Children are precious gifts from God n to play a joke or a game like this you got to be fucked up in the head. What would she do of the gun accidentally went off n she killed her baby?? Then what?

  • I cant believe this fake ass picture is back again.

    It was a screen grab from a anti-gun video that came out a few years back, the girl is a paid actor and its a toy gun.

    This is being passed around again simply as a marketing ploy for the gun grabbers that want to take out rights away.

  • @BG…. This image is not photo shopped. Your observations of this photo are so out of whack it’s not funny. It makes sense to an idiot wannabe thug to show off hers or an acquaintance’s pistol while holding her future wannabe thug. She may not be pointing the pistol at the child with threatening intentions, but none the less, she is doing it.

  • Did no one check to see if that image is photoshopped? The gun angle is totally inconsistent with the hand and the top edge of the gun has a dark edge inconsistent with the light in the rest of the shot. The gun is also casting no shadow on the woman. Shadows can be seen on the wall behind her giving you the light angle. The image is also very low res making it hard to truly examine. Finally, this picture makes literally no sense. Yes, senseless criminals seem to have fun, even at the peril of children, but most people will not point a gun anywhere near themselves, even if they don’t care about the lives of others. Everything about this screams photoshop. If this is a doctored image, then the person who posted it is the criminal. Be responsible and check this stuff before posting.

  • with modern technology i dont get it why the police can’t trace these photo feeds via the internet. the gov does it all the time for terrorist prospects.

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