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White Supremacist Shoots Two Deputies in Ambush in Missouri


Deputies with the Jef­fer­son County Sher­iff ‘s Depart­ment in Cedar Hills, Mis­souri shot and killed white suprema­cist Shawn Keith Nims, 40, on Octo­ber 11, fol­low­ing a seven-hour manhunt.

The inci­dent began when a deputy, respond­ing to a 911 hang-up emer­gency call, went to the home where the call was placed. Peo­ple in the home report­edly told the deputies the call had been a mis­take. Deputy Nina Sims later returned to the home with another deputy, Michael Toombs. After being given per­mis­sion to enter the home, the deputies began descend­ing the base­ment stairs when they were allegedly ambushed by Nims and a shootout ensued. Both deputies suf­fered non-life threat­en­ing gun­shot wounds and Nims fled the scene.

Mem­bers from mul­ti­ple law enforce­ment agen­cies began to search for Nims and found him seven hours later as he attempted to jump from a win­dow of a nearby home. Accord­ing to police, Nims was armed with an assault-style weapon. The pur­su­ing deputies fired at Nims after he allegedly refused to drop the weapon, fatally wound­ing him.

Nims had sev­eral neo-Nazi tat­toos includ­ing an eagle clutch­ing a swastika on his chest and a large swastika on his right shin. He also had a crim­i­nal his­tory that included drug and theft charges.

Nims had served time in prison. In 2005, he was sentenced to three years in a Missouri prison for drug possession. Court records say the drug was methamphetamines. He was facing a Lincoln County charge for tampering with a motor vehicle in January. He has a previous conviction for stealing in St. Louis County.

His Facebook page shows photos of Nims holding a baby girl and later digging in the sand with a young child, but his page also includes more menacing pictures such as Nazi symbols and his cover photo depicting the Last Supper where the devil is eating a human.

This is the lat­est instance of a shootout between domes­tic extrem­ists and law enforce­ment. Since 2001, 30 police offi­cers have died in the United States in these inci­dents. Just since 2009, 34 shootouts have taken place between law enforce­ment offi­cers and domes­tic extremists—including right-wing anti-government extrem­ists, white suprema­cists, domes­tic Mus­lim extrem­ists and oth­ers. In those vio­lent encoun­ters, extrem­ists have shot 34 police offi­cers, 11 fatally.
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