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Santa Cruz Police Officer Injured in Fight with Repeat Arrestee Jesse Parsons


Santa Cruz Police Press Release 10/4/13

An 18 year veteran of the Santa Cruz Police Department was injured this morning during a fight while arresting Mr. Jesse Parsons, 36 yrs, old.

The Officer contacted Mr. Parsons based on a complaint of campers near the footpath between 1st and 2nd Avenues. Mr. Parson attempted to give a false name, and it was discovered he had a couple of warrants for his arrest. When the officer attempted to arrest Mr. Parsons….the fight was on.

During the fight, the Officer tackled Mr. Parsons and was allegedly kicked in the face in the process. The Officer continued struggle with Mr. Parsons. When backup arrived, Mr. Parsons was taken into custody.

The Officer is being treated for his injuries and will likely get a couple sets of stitches to close his wounds.

Mr. Parsons is yet another in a series of Probation All-Stars, as he is on active probation three times over.

His 2 warrants were for:
Resisting Arrest
Assault with a Deadly Weapon

In 2013 alone, Mr. Parsons has been arrested 7 different times by Santa Cruz police officers for charges related to thefts, burglary and drugs. His arrest history is in the dozens and goes all the way back to 2008.

Join us in wishing our officer a speedy recovery.

1 YB and waiver

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